SinFest IV Heavy Metal Culture Festival

So check it, free beer, heavy metal and I’m going to be showcasing my artwork at the largest SinFest festival to date. The show is happening Saturday, August 8th, 2015 in Norfolk, Nebraska at The Depot. The official name for the event is “SinFest IV Heavy Metal Culture Festival”. This show will feature six heavy metal bands and an outdoor beer garden artwork exhibition.

To make this year’s artwork exhibit crazy huge, there will be four artists total. Returning from the first SinFest festival back in the day is the lovely B.Grim. She will be showcasing her work. Newcomers Brittany Hinkle and Chelsey Thomson are bringing their work as well. Brittany has an impressive portfolio of good stuff to check out. Lots of dark and brutal goodies to feast your eyes on. Chelsey bringing a number of pieces as well, so there will be plenty of work for everyone to see.

Of course, there will be bands and tunes. Six bands total, back to headline this gig is Sin/Fixx. Bailey, Mike and the rest of the crew help organize this event along with the guys over at

You can’t have a festival with just one band… this monster features Bloodrail, Architect Or Arsonist, Surveying The Damned, The Blood Of War and The Devil In The Details. Bailey even booked a special guest opening act called Spiff. Spiff brings something a little different to the party. So get there early to watch his show. Plus you want to get there early for the free keg beer, duh!

If you’re looking for more information, click here and read all about it! See you Saturday the 8th in Norfolk, Nebraska. Huge shout out to Bailey and Metal Mike for putting this event together.