Primal Waters and Mr. Smith Acoustic Split-Album

This is not a typo! The world has stopped turning and Hell is under a blizzard warning.

Mr. Smith Acoustic and Primal Waters are teaming up to bring you the album titled, “Melancholy vs. Metal”. Of course, you know Primal Waters is heavy metal, but did you know Mr. Smith plays grandpa’s guitars? [Metalocalypse style] That’s right he plays the acoustic guitar and he is damn good at it. He brings the brutal and the darkness, but with an unplugged approach.

About the work, I haven’t teamed up with another artist since I was a kid… so this was fun and interesting. Primal Waters required artwork for this new record project, but with a slight twist. Mr. Smith Acoustic had his artwork illustrated by the talented Erika Jane. Erika illustrated the Mr. Smith Acoustic art [LEFT SIDE] and I illustrated the Primal Waters art [RIGHT SIDE] and color worked the entire piece. I think it turned out pretty cool, pretty classy. It was a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

There is a one color tee-shirt layout of the design as well. So go to a show on their sweet-ass upcoming mini-tour and score a great CD and t-shirt, kick back a few cold ones and live the experience of entertaining live music. In the meantime, listen to the album's killer single "Pennies".