1867 Bar Exhibition

Start date: February 1, 2020

End date: February 29, 2020

Location: 101 N 14th St #6, Lincoln, NE 68508

Monthly Artwork Exhibition – New Unveiling
Come enjoy some artwork and beers.

DAGAR Denver, Colorado, Art Exhibit

Start date: June 1, 2020

End date: August 31, 2020

Time: 5 PM to 2 AM

Location: DAGAR, 2000 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO, 80205

I will be presenting a new series of artworks for the summer of 2020. The exhibition is of a 3-month duration. This venue also offers axe throwing… so this is going to be fun. More details coming next year. If you’re in the Denver area, Summer 2020, be sure to stop down and check out the exhibit, have some drinks, and throw some axe.

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