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Dillon's Diabolical Designs • Established in 2007 • Rural Nebraska Area

"Specializing in affordable creative services for great heavy metal musicians." - Dillon Stienike

"It's fun to draw monsters, somebody has to draw the villains."

So you're needing some high grade professional brutal marketing for your band or business, I assume that's why you're here. Well relax, you've found the right place. Established in 2007, Dillon's Diabolical Designs® focuses on providing affordable creative services for the heavy metal culture.

I can provide you with an old school hand crafted artwork, intricate digital painting or if you prefer photographical manipulation. All types of illustration are covered. It doesn't stop there. Offering complete layout and design services for album covers, booklets, jewel cases, band logos, concert posters, tee-shirts, baseball caps, can coolers, and more.

No project is complete without a professional online representation. A place your band can call home. Responsive website design that creates a great layout on everything from desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

So let's get this project rolling, head over to the contact page and drop me a line or if you prefer the old school way of communication call me at 402-302-0199. Thanks for visiting my website and stay METAL.

- Dillon Stienike
Dillon's DIABOLICAL Designs®